Thursday, April 23, 2009


At the airport Kansai in Osaka 22/4.

We had some time after the arrival and we went to the Osaka Castle.
A little bit tired after the 15 h traveling but very excited to be here!

Osaka Castle

The tiger inside the castle.

Osaka City the view from the top of the Castle.

Our first lunch, nudels nudels nudels!

Live at Shangri - La in Osaka.

People In The Box and Yuya at the after party.


Mr Lee said...

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Nice to meet you.We upload something about the works to the blog.
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Scraps Of Tape said...

Ser grymt ut!

Jerker kaj said...

Mat mat mat
Rock rock rock
och en tiger.

Audrey Audrey Audrey.
Jag saknar er!

johan said...

fan va grymt!! Jag är så avundsjuk på är bäst!
All lycka som bara går till er nu på resten av turnén!


brasikurtz said...

anna the most beautiful girl on earth! so very lovely with her allstars basketbalshoes!