Friday, July 25, 2008

22/7 Esslingen
We played at a gallery called Villa Merkel. They made a stage out of the terrace, which was a part of the house. It was really cool. It was a lot of people there. Thanks for showing up!

23/7 Day off in Esslingen
We had a day off here and had the chance to see a little more of Esslingen. Which was a really nice town. Lot of old houses and areas. We stayed at Jörgs house, and we eat a great meal there, and met his room mates. They were sweet!
Yeah, they took really good care off us. You are the best! Esslingen is a new favorite, for sure.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008


21/7 Le Fortezza de la Donne - Festival, Italia
We're driving from Innsbruck to Italy through the Alps.
Beautiful drive. No thunder here, but it will soon come...


Fantastic dinner!

The show. We played on a terrace at a fortress in Mirandola.
No rain, we were lucky!


The morning after. There were a big thunder this night, it was lovely, I think.
Samuele giving us Italian wine, thank you for everything!

When I was out in the morning this lady was watching me the hole time.
She was garding their wine jards. She was afraid that I would steel some grapes..


20/7 Innsbruck

We arrived at PMK with a hell of a thunder and loads of rain.
It has been bad weather since Denmark to here. It keeps following us.

Ah, we got the best homemade spreads ever!

We played with Majmoon from München.
They we're cool!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Hey, back again!

Lovely days are back, i'm looking forward to these shows:

20.07.08 Innsbruck (A), PMK
21.07.08 Mirandola (MO) (I), La Fortezza Delle Donne - Festival
22.07.08 Esslingen (D), Villa Merkel
24.07.08 Leipzig (D), Cafe Panam
25.07.08 Duisburg (D), Steinbruch
26.07.08 Hauptmannsgrün (D), L*Abore Festival