Wednesday, October 29, 2008


28/10 Poznan / Poland

We're in Poland now, and we had a great start here in Poznan yesterday.
We played with Andy, they're great. We'll play with them the rest of the shows here as well.
After the show we went to a cool bar/club and had a nice chill. Poznan is a lovely city, reminds me a little of Leeds in a way. I will put up some photos from here tomorrow. Talk soon!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008


The first stop, and a common stop, the Bio market!

We're at Bassy, it's a lovely venue in an old bank.

We played together with I Might Be Wrong, oh they we're great.

At the show we heard Swedish voices, it turned out to be the Stockholm band Nervous Nelly.
It's funny how many Swedish bands there are on the roads in Europe.
Thank you for having us here!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Berlin plus Poland

Hey! The tour blog is up! New tours coming up, the first one is a four day tour, the dates are:

27.10.08 DE - Berlin / Bassy
28.10.08 PL - Poznan / Piwnica 21
29.10.08 PL - Wroclaw / Bezsennosc
30.10.08 PL - Warszawa / Jadlodajnia Filozoficzna

The Berlin show is together with the Berlin based band I Might Be Wrong, pepp!
We will do the Poland shows together with the band Andy, coolers!

We have some merchandise up at the Tenderversion store, go to to find out more!

See you soon!