Sunday, April 26, 2009

Arabaki Rock fest!!

Last night we went to Sendai, north-west of Japan. And today we drove 1 h more to the festival area. Arabaki Rock Fest here we go!

The festival. We saw Ogre You Asshole before it was time to go to the stage.



On our way to the stage.

Hatahata, in Sweden it means hate hate, but in Japan it's a fish.

On stage, the rain took a break so we thought it was a nice time to start...

After the show we ate a traditional Japanese meal. It started to rain again and soon it was time for us to go back to Tokyo. Tomorrow is the last show here in Japan for us. It's been great, we hope to go back here very soon. Arigato to everyone who came to the shows!

Day Off in Tokyo

A very rainy day Shibuya

Yen + Shibuya = new shoes

mmm, soy icecream with rice in honey!


Before leaving Nagoya we went to this beautful park, Tokugawaen, it is a Japanese garden and in the brochure I read that it's symbolically condenses the landscape of Japanese nature.

Flowers hanging loose...

Ola in the Park.

Emelie vs Rebecka

Dinner at this place, the food was very good, I ordered a big fresh Tofu sallad!


23/4 Nagoya
We arrives to Nagoya after only 2 h in the van from Osaka.

We played at a beautiful venue, the Apollo Teather.

Yeah here we are in Japan!

Thursday, April 23, 2009


At the airport Kansai in Osaka 22/4.

We had some time after the arrival and we went to the Osaka Castle.
A little bit tired after the 15 h traveling but very excited to be here!

Osaka Castle

The tiger inside the castle.

Osaka City the view from the top of the Castle.

Our first lunch, nudels nudels nudels!

Live at Shangri - La in Osaka.

People In The Box and Yuya at the after party.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


We arrived, finally after loosing passport in Frankfurt and 24 h drive from Toulouse to Sweden the day before. We did our first show this night in Osaka at Shangri-La. Very nice venue. I will post pictures from Osaka here as soon as my power transformer is working.. We also went to Osaka Castle from the 16th century, it was very beautiful. The weaher is very nice and we are all happy to be here. Tomorrow we go to Nagoya!

And the tour looks like this:

* 04.22(wed) at 大阪 Shangri-La
* 04.23(thu) at 名古屋 APOLLO THEATER
* 04.24(fri) at 浜松 FORCE
* 04.26(sun) at 宮城エコキャンプみちのく
* 04.27(mon) at 渋谷 O-nest

Monday, April 20, 2009


18/4 Toulouse

Sara Lov at Les Femmes S'en Melent Festival.

The crew


In the van home to Sweden with out Sara Lov. They continued their
tour in England and we are going to Japan tomorrow! We had a really really nice tour with them and their music is fantastic, you should check her music, listen at We wish them
the best today and in the future. Next post is from Japan!