Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Zagreb oh Zagreb

Zagreb is a really nice city! It was a great time playing at Teatar & TD. We played outside under openair. Thanks to you all that came to the show, we had a really nice time!
Tomorrow it's Italy-time!


Chelsea, pepper and hey ho!

Day 5, Wien. We have such a good time on tour. Southerly are great, such a good guys.
On our way back to the hotel after the show yesterday, me, Rebecka and Krist got into a pepper-spray-fight. We couldn't see any for a wile. But we're back on track now. Lets go to Zagreb yo!

Sunday, May 25, 2008


Day 4, we're in Poland! My first time over here, I'm excited! Tonight we play at Mozg in Bydgoszcz together with our Swedish friends Jeniferever and with Southerly and Mehico, sweet.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

pop it up..

Day 3, we're in Leipzig now. We're playing at the Pop-Up showcase. But before we left Berlin this morning we met up with the beautiful Scraps of Tape guys. You're the best!
The show last night (nr2) was great, after our show we danced to Björn Kleinhenz and I did get some nice flashbacks from our years in Gothenburg.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

4 x shit!

Here we are at the boat unwitting what will happen next..
Today we found out that we forgot a passport, stroke into another car, broke somebody elses violin into 1000 pieces, had 4 beds less to sleep at.
Come on we love touring!

May and June will rock!

Time to leave! We're playing in Hamburg to night. Looking forward to go there again!
The tour looks like this:

22.05.08 Hamburg (D), Knust
23.05.08 Berlin (D), Magnet
24.05.08 Leipzig (D), Dial-Booking Showcase @ Moritzbastei
25.05.08 Bydgoszcz (PL), Mozg
26.05.08 Wien (A), Chelsea***
27.05.08 Zagrab (HR), SC - Teatar & TD
28.05.08 Padova (I), Banale*** NEW!
29.05.08 Rome (I), Circolo Degli Artisti
30.05.08 Pisa (I), Caracol
31.05.08 Capri (MO) (I), Mattatoio
02.06.08 Lyon (F), Sonic
03.06.08 Karlsruhe (D), Café NUN
04.06.08 München (D), Orangehouse (Feierwerk)
05.06.08 Frankfurt (D), Brotfabrik
06.06.08 Köln (D), Blue Shell
07.06.08 Paris (F), Mains d'Oeuvres
08.06.08 Namur (F), Belvedere
11.06.08 Marburg (D), KFZ
12.06.08 Luxembourg (LUX), D:Qliq
13.06.08 Münster (D), Amp
14.06.08 Bremen (D), Lagerhaus
15.06.08 Würzburg (D), Umsonst & Draussen Festival
16.06.08 Dresden (D), Beatpol
17.06.08 Kiel (D), Schaubude
19.07.08 Siegen (D), Vortex
20.07.08 Innsbruck (A), PMK
22.07.08 Esslingen (D), Villa Merkel
25.07.08 Duisburg (D), Steinbruch
26.07.08 Hauptmannsgrün (D), L*Abore Festival