Saturday, June 21, 2008

Back home...

Thanks to everyone who made this tour to a wonderful month for us!
We are back in Sweden, and it feels a little bit strange..but we'll be out touring again in July, see you then! 

Hugs from Audrey

Monday, June 16, 2008

In the rain

Day 25, Würzburg

It was a nice festival even though we had some problems with the power, not THE power as in rocking your assess, it was the power that didn't want to power my pedals and the piano. But we did it and it was a nice set. We stayed at a nice hotel outside the city, it was raining a lot while we were driving there, we did listen to Fredrik on our way there and it was like a perfect soundtrack and a summary for that day..


Day 24, Bremen

Motown moves....

Ola at the dance floor....

The Lagerhaus

We played at Lagerhaus, and Sweden played against Spain in the football EM and they did loose, even though Zlatan did a fantastic goal! Fuck that game. I'm still angry about it.
The Lagerhaus was a really cool place. We did dance again afterwards, there was a motown party after and we were pepped, oh yeah!

Cats at Amp

Day 23, Münster

It was our third show at Amp and we love this place. Thanks to Ivo for having us.
After the show they have a big dance party, some of us dances..and I was joking a little bit, Its a pillow for sure!! I tried out how it feels to have baby-belly or a maybe more a fat life style..

Thursday, June 12, 2008


Day 22, Luxembourg

In the woods between Siegen and Marburg

Day 21, Marburg

We are in Luxembourg right now, we just played at d:qliq again and it was amazing tonight. We did a punk-set, I enjoyed it really much. Everything was played really really fast. We played with Khale from the US, they were great. We'll play with them in Dresden as well.
We were in Marburg yesterday and I really like that city. It was a great turn up, thanks to you all that came. We were out for a walk after the show in the city and we went to a bar where we had a dart competition. Me and Emelie won, ha!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Woohoo we won!

Day 20, Siegen

What a good start for us in the match in EM today! We are so happy and I was so glad while we were playing in Siegen tonight. Thanks to you all that came, you were great. The venue was cool! We had a great after dance party again. Im happy to be on tour. I don't wanna think about that we actually only have one week left on the tour... But we'll soon be out again, in July! Woohoo! We have such a good time with the Southerly guys, they are great and their music kicks ass too! Tomorrow we will try to find a lake to swim in our way to Marburg. Talk soon.

Monday, June 9, 2008


The crew

Day 18 Namur

Its the morning after the Namur show, it was nice yesterday. We went out for a really nice walk around the venue. This town is really sweet. The venue was in a old part of a wall that protected the city long time ago. A really rare place to have a venue at, really cool! The show that was supposed to be in Braunschweig today is cancelled.. we dont know way, sorry!

au revoir

Day 17, Paris

View from Sacre Coeur

The show in Paris was cool, we played together with a band from New Zeeland called Over the Atlantic, they were really nice. Cool sound. We made up some plans that Audrey should come to NZ soon. We love that idea. We slept at a flat in Montmartre and had a breakfast at the stairs up at Sacre Coeur, when we finally got up there, puh! Oh what a nice view over the town!
Au revoir Paris. Next up is Namur, Belgium.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

The Dome

Day 16, Köln

We played at Blue Shell, and we have nice memories from this area. Last time was with our lovely friends in Scraps of Tape. Thanks to you all that came to the show, lot of old faces and friends. And we did receive the vinyl album today from Timo, Denovali Records. Oh and how nice they were! Nothing smells better than new vinyl, for sure! We will put them up on our merchandise site at the homepage very soon, and all the other merch.. We were out to see the Dome after the show, as you can see these smart asses were in the way for a nice picture.. hehe.

Scandinavia rock!

Day 14, München
with Ólafur Arnalds

Partaj in the back of their big bus

It was nice coming back to München, it's our 3rd time here. It was raining a lot on the way here but it felt good. The first half of the tour was really warm so we needed some fresh cold air. It was a big thunder that night as well. I got sick in the rain, but I guess we all have to get the tour cold in some way. We (Audrey + Southerly) played together with Ólafur Arnalds, they we're great. I tried to practice on my Islandic but I guess I forgot it all...

Day 15, Frankfurt

Wednesday, June 4, 2008


Day 13, Café Nun. It's morning and time for breakfast. We slept at Matthias place, which we did last time as well, it's really nice. I was talking to Chris last night and he had to remind me how many times we've played in this town, the first was at Carambolage 2004. We love this town, it's so fun everytime we go here! See you soon again yo!
Southerly did their best set so far, and the crowed was packed. Thank's for coming!
We'll soon leave for München. Last time we played there Emelie's cello got hurt, so they are a little bit affraid. But as we learned the first days of the tour, "you have to face your fears".

Day 12, Lyon was great, we played on a boat and we did a good set I think. We had the chance to walk around the city, It's a really nice town, it looked beautiful in the night. Then town was separated between the two rivers Seine and Rhône.
We had the time to wash our clothes there. So we are fresh and back on track.

Time to go!

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Billy the kid did what he did and he died...

Long time since.. We had a really fun time here in Italy, the days have gone really fast, we met a lot of beautiful people, wonderful places, good food..lot of pizza...
Day off today, and my birthday. I woke up by a nice happy birthday song from my sweet sweet band mates!

I will summary these days like this:

Day 7, Padova

Day 8, Roma

Day 9, Marina di Massa (Pisa cancelled)

Day 10, swimming Audrey!

Day 10, Carpi
After the show dance party