Sunday, April 26, 2009

Arabaki Rock fest!!

Last night we went to Sendai, north-west of Japan. And today we drove 1 h more to the festival area. Arabaki Rock Fest here we go!

The festival. We saw Ogre You Asshole before it was time to go to the stage.



On our way to the stage.

Hatahata, in Sweden it means hate hate, but in Japan it's a fish.

On stage, the rain took a break so we thought it was a nice time to start...

After the show we ate a traditional Japanese meal. It started to rain again and soon it was time for us to go back to Tokyo. Tomorrow is the last show here in Japan for us. It's been great, we hope to go back here very soon. Arigato to everyone who came to the shows!

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Jerker kaj said...

Yes, en Roland Jazz Chorus! Köp mer er ett gäng såna hem! Roland är Boss som Micke brukar säga.

Arabaki verkade ju ball.

Saknar er.